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“At Leonardo's plant in Pomezia our business is focused on avionic equipments and electro-optic systems. There are also an area that designs laser transmitter for space mission of ESA.
In my field, thermal analyses are requested during the design to verify if the equipments are able to withstand at the worst environmental condition.
I have been using 6SigmaET since many years and I am very satisfied. In fact the program has a user friendly interface so also a not expert user is able to work on it.
The aspect that I find very interesting is the capability and simplicity to import model from CAD. This significantly reduce the modelling time and contemporarily does not increase the solution time. The import operation of CAE files is very useful, but it is fast also to build the board manually as it often happens during the initial design phase when electronics details are not yet available.
Furthermore the support service provided by ALPHA-Numerics is helpful, available and fast.”
Paolo Zincone, Mechanical Designer, Leonardo

"At ATS-Europe BV, we are very pleased with the capabilities of the 6SigmaET CFD software module. 6SigmaET is capable of analysing all kinds of issues and features within the electronics cooling field including non-rectangular shapes, like those found in LED light fixtures.
A comprehensive standalone tool, 6SigmaET doesn't need additional MCAD software for data entry, which means it is especially straightforward to use. The software is fast, fits our thermal modelling needs perfectly, and experimental testing in our laboratories has proven that the simulation results predict component temperatures with accuracy.
We are very satisfied with the excellent service from the Future Facilities team, and with 6SigmaET which helps us better serve our customer needs."
Norbert Engleberts, Director, ATS-Europe

"As an experienced data center designer and practitioner of Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis for the past 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to use a variety of CFD tools across a wide spectrum of data centers of various sizes and power/thermal loads.
I’ve been using Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDCX suite of products for the past 5 years and have found it to be an exceptional tool for a variety of disciplines. The 6SigmaRack tool has allowed me to create and validate a number of unique designs as it offers capabilities that some tools simply do not have.
I have modeled dozens of data centers using 6SigmaRoom and hands down, it is the most accurate and useful CFD tool, one that produces more highly detailed and valuable information than any other CFD tool on the market. In addition to the quality and capability of this set of tools, the level of technical support I’ve received has been extraordinary.
Future Facilities has taken the art of data center analysis and design to a new level with its Virtual Facility concept and is providing necessary tools that will be an absolute requirement for the modern data center."
John Wallerich, Senior Practice Executive, Data Center Design and Optimization, Dell Services

"6SigmaDCX offers engineers and technical personnel a powerful tool to analyze the thermal behavior in data center environments. The way the different 6SigmaDC modules have been developed facilitate users with different CFD skill levels, from beginners to more advanced, to work on their projects and obtain results in a short amount of time. Its flexibility makes it an excellent tool for more complex projects like containerized data centers, transient analysis and free-cooling applications."
Ernesto Ferrer, CFD Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
"HP has chosen 6SigmaDCX because of its speed in solving data center simulations. The best practice is to model your layout, so you can plan for the flexibility needed to handle the increasing IT demands of the corporation for the next 10 to 15 years. 6SigmaDCX provides exactly the level of confidence demanded by today’s info centric businesses."
Paul Perez, VP, Hewlett-Packard

"Rittal recently made a switch to 6SigmaDCX software from a competing CFD tool. As a cabinet manufacturer, the 6SigmaDCX software provides the thermal-performance modeling capabilities we need to meet our customer's planning and expectations of high performance data centers at the cabinet and room levels."
Tony Dycus, IT Regional Sales Manager, Rittal Corp

"We find the accuracy of the 6SigmaDCX model to be very accurate. When we do a datacenter assessment we compare the actual measured results with what the model puts out; airflow, temperatures, and again we find that accuracy to be very good."
Fred Stack, VP Marketing for Liebert Cooling Systems, Emerson Network Power

"The difference between 6SigmaDCX and our previous CFD software is extreme. The 6SigmaDCX software allows us to look at a number of variables that were not previously available. It also produces a much more detailed report that allows our customers to better evaluate redundancy as well as capacity. I believe the 6SigmaDCX Software was instrumental in our ability to recently win a project with a very technical customer (DoD). The win resulted in a shift from a competitive product to a RITTAL cooling product. 6SigmaDCX was instrumental in proving that RITTAL could achieve the clients goals with fewer cooling units."
Mark Ryan, President, Chesapeake Mission Critical

"The 6SigmaDCX software has been a real joy to use with a simple and intuitive interface, significantly reducing our CFD development time."
George Hannah, Product Design & Development Manager, Airedale Ltd.

"AKF has been using 6SigmaDCX for over 3 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the software and the support from Future Facilities. We have used other CFD modeling tools in the past but 6SigmaDCX is easy to use and provides thorough results for the entire data center.
CFD model results include all levels below the raised floor and above a ceiling plenum. The most impressive aspect of 6SigmaDCX is the ability to view the CFD results at the IT device level within the cabinets and racks. This is most beneficial when planning and troubleshooting higher density areas."
We are able to pinpoint existing and potential issues. We have shown clients many design improvement benefits including equipment cabinet positioning and aisle/ cabinet containment solutions. 6SigmaDCX also has the ability to be adjusted to meet the installed conditions. The software goes beyond the theoretical CFD modeling and each model can be calibrated.
After the virtual facility has been created we have adjusted the model to more accurately represent the data center environment.
Future Facilities staff have been extremely helpful to our engineering team as we have increased our CFD modeling services. They are available to assist with any of our questions. 6SigmaDCX equipment libraries are kept up to date and save us time. This is not the case with other modeling software that we have used.
We continue to use 6SigmaDCX as a design and planning tool for our data center work. We look forward to the future advances of the 6SigmaDC software."
Ryan Malin, Partner, AKF Group

"The 6SigmaDCX suite of software is a set of powerful and yet easy to use products that have become an integral part of ARUP's data centre design process. During design it allows ARUP to accurately prototype its data centres before they leave the drawing board. During operation it allows ARUP to engineer upgrade solutions without risking our clients' mission-critical business. The 'Virtual Facilities' offer an easy way to relay information to non-technical stakeholders and are visually attractive too. An extremely useful tool for data centre designers, engineers and operators alike."
Stuart Hall, Senior Engineer, ARUP
"The software is quick and easy to use. You can do the CFD analysis a lot earlier in the process and the benefit for us is we can make it more of an engineering task than a CFD specialism."
Andrew Harrison, Director, ARUP

"Sub-Zero designs and manufactures leading edge airflow and efficiency management products for the data center. Many of our solutions are custom for specific clients and applications. We need extremely sophisticated, fast and flexible software tools to design our products, deliver on time and show the client the impact of our solution on their operations. We have recently switched to 6SigmaDC software from a competing CFD tool to better support our business model. We believe that 6SigmaDC is the only toolset that can match the development pace we set at Sub-Zero and can meet all of our modeling, design and consulting needs."
Vince Lake, Vice President, Sub-Zero Engineering

"The 6SigmaDCX software has proven to be a user friendly and flexible package enabling Red to provide a first class detailed data centre CFD modelling service to its clients. 6SigmaDCX has now become a regular part of Red’s data centre design process and is particularly useful when looking at unusual designs such as particularly high density zones or non standard shaped rooms. We have also used 6SigmaDCX with great effect to model the external air flows around a group of modular fresh air free cooling data centres to ensure there was no risk of exhaust air getting drawn into the fresh air intakes."
Nick Vaney, Director, Red Engineering Design

"When it comes to data center efficiency, there are few larger gains than improving the heat removal architecture. The Virtual Facility is the best tool I've seen to tie together cooling, availability and efficiency in one analytic model. A very valuable tool for many data center operations."
Robert Aldrich, Senior Manager Energy Efficient Data Center Solutions, Cisco Systems, Inc.